Government of New Brunswick
Lakeville Corner
Plaster Rock

Affected Areas

Saint John River Basin: In the Saint John River Basin, the highways were inundated, the trains were halted and the mills ceased operation due to the high water. At Fort Kent and Frenchville, streets in the low areas were inundated and some families were forced to leave their homes. At Plaster Rock, the water was reported over the tracks in the C.P.R. station yard, and trains were halted between there and Perth. Some farmers at Andover were forced to move their livestock to higher ground. The main highway between Hartland and Florencville was inundated at Buckwheat Bridge. In Hartland, several cellars were flooded and one family was forced to evacuate their home. Several low sections of highway near Fredericton were under water. The highways at the Mouth of Keswick, in the Maugerville-Sheffield area and to Lakeville Corner were inundated. Backwater on the Nashwaaksis Stream caused suspension of operations at the Devon Lumber Company. The Planing Mill, at Victoria Mills, was closed due to the high water conditions. At Oromocto, the River Valley Lumber Company's mill suspended operations as a result of the high water. In Fredericton, Campbell Street was inundated behind the Normal School, and the basements of two garages were flooded. The C.N.R. Subway at the end of University Avenue was flooded due to the back up of the storm sewer system. A few inches of water was over the road at the White Bridge, Victoria Mills. In Norton, a portion of Main Street was under water. Several buildings in the community were reported to be inundated, including Billy Forgraves Shoe Store and the Provincial Bank of Canada. Restigouche River Basin: In the Restigouche River Basin, a bridge and portions of the highway were under water in the Flatlands district. Several houses in the area were also flooded. Miramichi River Basin: At Juniper, in the headwaters of the Southwest Miramichi River, the boiler room at the Flemming and Gibson Ltd. plant was flooded. The plant was forced to cease operations for a period of time because of the high water.
General spring freshet.
Saint John River Basin: The Saint John River at Fort Kent reached the highest level since 1923. At Woodstock, the river reached the highest level since the flood years of 1923 and 1936.
No estimates of the damage were reported in the newspaper accounts. Very little damage was said "to have occurred in Sunbury County".