Government of New Brunswick
Heavy rain

Affected Areas

For the second time in two weeks, the Saint John River in the vicinity of Fredericton overflowed its banks. Fredericton Area: The Union Street underpass was closed due to floodwaters on April 27. Lincoln Road near the Wilsey Road intersection was covered with about six inches of water on the 27th. The water deepened to about one foot [about 0.3 m] by April 28. Several parking lots in the City were inundated, including the Beaverbrook Hotel parking lot to a depth of two feet [0.6 m] in some places, and the Legion lot on Queen Street was under water, stranding several cars in water to the hubcaps. Maugerville Area: The Trans Canada Highway was closed to all but some local traffic between Bluebird Corner and Jemseg. The Sheffield and McGowan's Corner areas were reported to be the hardest hit. Ferries at Gagetown and Upper Gagetown were taken out of operation due to flooded access roads. By April 30, the Trans Canada Highway was reopened to traffic, and ferry service at Gagetown was restored. Oromocto River Basin: Route #101 to Rusagonis was covered with water, but reported to be passable with extreme caution.
Rainfall was reported to be in the order of 50 millimetres. 26-Apr 27-Apr 28-Apr 29-Apr 30-Apr Water Level Station: Fredericton 6.611 7.159 7.112 6.657 6.277 (Station No. 01AU006) Maugerville 5.671 6.135 6.22 6.032 5.756 (Station No. 01A0002) Jemseg 4.54 4.783 4.991 5.082 5.003 (Station No. 01A0004) Source: Environment Canada, HYDAT CD. *The maximum instantaneous water level during 1983 at Maugerville was 6.240 m, occurring at 12:30 hrs on April 28, and at Jemseg was 5.100 m, occurring at 10:25 hrson April 29.
No estimates of flood damage were reported. There were some reports of basement collapses due to the pressure of floodwaters.