Government of New Brunswick
Lower St Marys
Heavy rain
Mild Weather

Affected Areas

Restigouche River Basin: In Restigouche County, numerous brooks along the I.N.R. Branch were running at a heavy freshet level. However, officials did not anticipate that any flood damage would occur. Saint John River Basin: In the Saint John River Basin, the freshet level was not exceptionally high. A few cellars in Fredericton were flooded at the intersection of Carleton and Brunswick streets. The C.N.R. Subway was inundated to some depth and water was over the pavement at the White Bridge, at the end of the Wilsey Road. The highway at Carman Creek, Lower St. Mary's was flooded, halting all traffic. Flooding also occurred in the Maugerville-Sheffield area, as well as Gagetown. Some people moved their possessions to higher ground on the south side of the river.
Mild weather and rain, resulting in a general spring freshet.
No information on the flood magnitude was presented.
No information on the flood damage was presented.