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Grand Falls
Saint John
Lower St Marys
Heavy rain
Mild Weather

Affected Areas

Saint John River Basin: Due to the heavy runoff, the main stem of the Saint John River overflowed onto the interval lands at several points. At Fort Kent, Maine, approximately 100 people were evacuated from their homes. A steel highway bridge at Powers Creek, four miles [6.4 km] upstream of Grand Falls was washed out on Highway #2. Railway washouts were also reported above Grand Falls. Highway #2 was also washed out at Muniac and between Florenceville and Andover. Near Bristol, a C.P.R. freight train was wrecked when the roadbed caved in as a result of undermining by the Saint John River. At Buckwheat Bridge, three miles [4.8 km] south of Florenceville, about 18 inches [0.46 m] of water was reported to be over the highway. Several other sections of Highway #2 were inundated. At Hartland, a few homes were surrounded by water and in the business section, water lapped the rear of the blocks on the west side of Main Street. At Woodstock, the Meduxnekeag River overflowed its banks, inundating the surrounding interval land. The upper end of River Street was flooded. Cellars of houses on the interval were full of water and in some cases the freshet had invaded the main floor of others. The front access to houses on Bridge Street was cut off by the floodwaters. The approach road to Island Park was inundated. At Grafton, the main road to Southampton was submerged at the mouth of Wright's Brook. The islands above Fredericton were completely submerged. In the City, water was over a portion of Campbell Street and the Capital Garage basement was flooded. Residents in the Fredericton area near the river had flooded cellars. The C.N.R. subway was flooded to a depth of several inches as well as the highway at the end of Wilsey Road, Victoria Mills. Water was over the road at Carman Creek, Lower St. Mary's, halting the traffic to Upper Maugerville. In the Maugerville-Sheffield and Jemseg areas, the low-lying lands and highways were inundated, halting traffic. The highway was inundated at Hampstead. At Indiantown, flood waters cut off one residence and the family had to be evacuated. Other residents were menaced by floodwaters. The Nerepis River had overflowed its banks. Restigouche River Basin: In the Restigouche River Basin, all the rivers and streams were on the rampage and much pulpwood was swept from the banks. The floodwaters of Walker Brook damaged a bridge on the Val d'Amour highway. Farmland and highways were inundated in many places.
Heavy rains, mild temperatures and snowmelt.
Saint John River Basin: At Fredericton, the river reached an elevation of 23.6 feet [about 7.2 m], which is about 21 feet [6.4 m] above summer level. Peak (daily mean) discharge at Pokiok was 277 000 cfs [7 844 m3/s]. The stage was reported to be the highest since 1923 at Grand Falls, Hartland and Woodstock. Restigouche River Basin: The freshet on Walker Brook, Restigouche County, was the highest "the old timers in the district could recall".
Saint John River Basin: Two men were killed in a train wreck near Bristol as a result of the track being undermined by the Saint John River. Restigouche River Basin: In Restigouche County, an estimated 20 000 cords of pulpwood was lost in one boom break. No ice jams were associated with the freshet on the Restigouche River and its tributaries.