Government of New Brunswick
Mild Weather

Affected Areas

Lower Saint John River Basin: The main stem of the Saint John River overflowed its banks in the Fredericton, Lincoln, Maugerville and Sheffield areas, inundating low-lying areas. At Fredericton, the Waterloo Row baseball diamond and the Union Street underpass were inundated. At Lincoln, a mobile home park was inundated to a depth of eight inches or more in some places, surrounding approximately 50 mobile homes. The water was reported as not having reached the floors of any of the units. The Bourque farm was inundated, however the barns, home and silos were on dry ground. In the Maugerville-Sheffield area, several residents were affected by the highwater and the Trans Canada Highway was closed to traffic. Several sections of the highway were inundated with water and debris.
On April 25, the river had reached an elevation of 23.06 feet at Fredericton and 19.71 feet [6.01 m] at Maugerville. The danger points are considered to be 23.0 [7.01 m] feet at Fredericton and 19.0 feet [5.79 m] at Maugerville.