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Second Falls
St. George
Frosty Hollow
Saint John

Affected Areas

Saint John River Basin: In the Saint John River Basin, the flooding reported in the newspapers was restricted to the Lower Saint John area. Some waterfront basements were flooded in the Fredericton area. The C.N.R. subway was flooded and water was over Route 2 near Wilsey Road. At Lower St. Mary's and Barkers Point, fields near the river were inundated. Flooding occurred at Princess Court, Lower St. Mary's. High water levels caused flooding of interval land in the Maugerville-Sheffield area and sections of Route #9 through this area. Sackville Area: On May 2, Highway 2 was inundated for a distance of about 150 yards at Frosty Hollow. Floodwaters at Frosty Hollow began to recede on May 3. At Middle Sackville, the level of Morice Pond rose as high as the surface of the highway, but did not overflow across it. The Sackville reservoir was threatened, and workmen diverted some flows from the reservoir to protect it. Magaguadavic River Basin: In the Magaguadavic River Basin, interval land was inundated. The communities of Bonny River and Second Falls were threatened with isolation. In St. George, some cellars were flooded. St. Croix River Basin: In the St. Croix River Basin, some families were reported to have evacuated their homes.
Saint John River Basin: The maximum water level at Fredericton was 22.2 feet[6.77m]. At Mactaquac, the maximum daily mean discharge was 196 000 cfs [5 550m3/s]. Sackville Area: It was reported that two inches [51mm] of rain fell in two hours. The depth of water over the highway at Frosty Hollow was said to be about two to three feet [0.6m to 0.9m].
The only report of damage is from the New Brunswick Electric Power Commission who sustained losses of $13 475.