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Affected Areas

Flood conditions prevailed over most of the Saint John, Restigouche and Miramichi River basins. Most transportation was severely disrupted because of the submerged highways and railways. Upper Saint John River Basin: At Fort Kent, Maine, about one-quarter of Main Street was flooded, and approximately 100 families were affected by the flooding. Reports stated "that six homes may have been lifted off their foundations". In the Edmundston area, flooding resulted in the evacuation of one house on Ferry Street on April 25, and the closure of the road to Rivière-à-la-Truite. At Grand Falls, the high water level in the river was reported to have resulted in flooding of the Gatineau (hydro) Power House. Middle Saint John River Basin: The C.P.R. line was submerged at three points between Perth and Plaster Rock to a depth of 12 to 18 inches [approx. 0.3m to 0.45m]. Basement flooding also occurred at Perth and Andover. A bridge across the Becaguimec River, at Coverdale east of Hartland, was submerged. At Woodstock, the approach to Island Park and the Park itself were submerged, and buildings were moved from their foundation. Some people were evacuated from their homes in Woodstock. The Grafton area, near Woodstock, was also severely affected by the flooding. Fredericton Area: Route 21 was inundated at Keswick Flats, halting traffic. At the peak of the flooding, the City of Fredericton was almost entirely cut off from other parts of the Province. Basement flooding was reported at both Fredericton and Lower Lincoln. People were evacuated from their homes in Fredericton, Upper Lincoln and Barkers Point. Nashwaak River Basin: In the Nashwaak Valley, the C.N.R. tracks were flooded just south of Ross Siding. Maugerville-Sheffield Area: Route 9, through the Maugerville-Sheffield area was closed to traffic, while Route 2 at the Oromocto Flats was only navigable by large vehicles. In the Maugerville-Sheffield areas, the lower floors of some homes were flooded, cattle were moved by boat to higher ground and considerable potato and turnip losses from root cellars were reported. Oromocto River Basin: Along the Oromocto River, large areas of the low lying land were flooded. Route 28 was inundated at Blissfield and a washout resulted. Other sections of the highway were inundated at Tracy and Clarendon. Lower Saint John River Basin: Along the lower reaches of the Saint John River, several summer cottages were completely surrounded by water. A highway washout occurred at Red Bank near Chipman. Large tracts of land along the Nerepis River and the Kennebecasis River near Sussex and Hampton were inundated. Ferry service at Burton, Upper Gagetown, Hampstead and Evandale was disrupted during the flooding. The highway at the South Bay Bridge was submerged. Restigouche River Basin: Some flooding was reported to have occurred along the Restigouche River. Miramichi River Basin: In the Miramichi River Basin, the C.N.R. line was washed out at McNamee, canceling the trains between Newcastle and Fredericton.
The flood level at Fredericton reached 24.95 feet [7.605m] on April 25. Peak (daily mean) discharge at Pokiok was 277 000 cfs [7 844m3/s]. Discharge at Beechwood was reported to be 234 000 cfs [6 626m3/s]as compared to the previous record of 232 000 [6 569m3/s] set in 1923. At Fort Kent, Maine, the Saint John River was reported to be 20 feet [approx. 6.1m] above normal, and only four feet [approx. 1.2m] below the bridge deck.
Newspaper reports estimated the damage along the Trans Canada Highway to be in the order of $200 000 and stated that another $50 000 would be required to repair highway bridges and culverts elsewhere in the Saint John River Basin. In Fort Kent, Maine, the flood caused damages in the order of $140 000. A sixteen year old boy was drowned in the swollen Quisibis River near Green River.