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Heavy rain

Affected Areas

Saint John River Basin: In the Nackawic River Valley, the Maple Ridge Road was washed out at a point about a mile from Millville. At Upper Keswick and Zealand Station, considerable flood damage resulted to the highways, the C.P.R. railway lines, several homes and barns. Nashwaak River Basin: In the Nashwaak River Valley, landslides caused minor damage to the highways three miles [4.8km] north of Marysville at Penniac and at Durham Bridge. At Nashwaak Village, a farm was isolated by the floodwaters and the family as well as the livestock had to be evacuated. Fredericton Area: At Fredericton, the river crept up over Campbell Street and the C.N.R. underpass was flooded to a depth of about one foot. The highway at the end of the Wilsey Road was partly inundated. At Lincoln, about 25 to 30 homes in a low lying section were completely surrounded by water. Oromocto River Basin: In the Oromocto River Basin, several highways were inundated. The Oromocto Flats were submerged, but the highway remained passable with caution. A section of the highway from Geary to Blissville was submerged, as well as a portion of Route 28 between Fredericton and Fredericton Junction. At Hoyt, some homes were surrounded by water and acres of farmland had been inundated. Maugerville-Sheffield Area: In the Maugerville-Sheffield area, several homes and barns were surrounded by water. Route 9 was impassable to vehicular traffic because of the flooding. The highway from McGowan¿s Corner to Lakeville Corner was submerged. Saint John Area: In the Saint John area, sections of Rothesay Park were inundated. At Drury Cove, a portion of Allan Point was submerged and several homes were isolated by the floodwaters. A swollen brook (Newman Brook) caused the collapse of a foundation on River Street forcing 10 people from their homes. Magaguadavic River Basin: The Magaguadavic River overflowed its banks, inundating all the low lying areas. At Second Falls, several families were forced to evacuate their homes because of the floodwaters. The curling rink at St. George was flooded. The water was reported to have reached the base of the first floor windows. St. Croix River Basin: The St. Croix River overflowed its banks at Milltown, New Brunswick. Several families were forced to evacuate their homes on Water Street, which was partially inundated.
Fredericton Area: Approximately three inches [76mm] of rain fell at Fredericton on April 17 and April 18. The stage at Fredericton reached an elevation of 23.0 feet ([7.01m], which was 21.5 feet [6.55m] above normal summer low. The maximum daily mean discharge was 223 000 cfs [6 315m3/s] at Pokiok. Saint John Area: At Drury Cove, the water level reached was said to be "the highest since 1945".