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In mid-March, the Saint John River basin had above average ice thickness and a heavy snow pack in northern portions of the basin. Very large ice jams were present at Big Rapids and Dickey, Maine that formed early in the winter. Ice jams were also in place at Hartland and Nashwaak Village during the winter. Near the end of March heavy rains began breaking up ice cover in some central and southern rivers. During the first week of April, the ice jams caused flooding in parts of the Nashwaak River valley, at locations along the Meduxnekeag River and in the Miramichi River basin in the Porter Cove and Priceville areas. Ice in the Upper Saint John River and Aroostook River began to break up and caused some flooding in the Hartland, Peel and Morrell areas. There were 3 weather events during the second half of April whose timing were the drivers for the flood water levels (River Watch, 2005). 1. April 16th-19th very warm weather was experienced over the basin 2. April 24th-25th moderate rain was experienced over most of the upper basin 3. April 28th-29th heavy rainfall was experienced over the middle and lower basin During the second week of April, an ice jam caused flooding of 19 homes in Baker Brook. Also ice jams near Perth-Andover, Morrell and Woodstock caused some minor flooding. Heavy rainfall on April 28th-29th in the middle and lower portions of the basin, combined with Spring snowmelt runoff resulted in rapid increases in flows causing flooding in Fredericton, Maugerville, and Jemseg. It was estimated about 60 to 70 people were forced to evacuate their homes in southern parts of the province.In some areas, including Grand Lake and Maquapit Lake, wave action caused by strong winds during the high water resulted in additional local problems. On April 29th, Lower St. Marys, Jemseg, Maugerville, Sheffield, and Kennebecasis areas were closed due to flooding of Route 105 - the old Trans-Canada Highway. Mac Lean Flat Road off Route 628 was closed due to water over the road. Durham Bridge from Route 628 to Lower Durham was closed, and ferries across the St. John River were not operating due to high water. In Fredericton, this was the worst flood since 1994. The Westmorland Street Bridge from St. Anne’s Point Drive and Devonshire Drive were closed to traffic. Riverside Drive near Sumac Street and the Fort Nashwaak Motel was closed due to water. The Lincoln Road by Corbett Brook was flooded. Private water supplies were affected by flooding and residents in flooded areas were advised to boil their drinking water which could have been potentially contaminated.
A blend of warm weather on April 16th-19th with 17-20 degrees Celsius temperatures, moderate rainfall on April 24th-25th with 12 mm (1/2”) – 25 mm (1”) over most of the upper basin, and heavy rainfall on April 28th-29th with 75 mm over the middle and lower basin, combined with Spring snow melt, caused flooding.
Water levels reached were as follows: Fredericton 7.893 m estimated on April 30th at 02:20. Flood stage is 6.5 m. Flood level in 1994 was 7.871 m; 8.062 m in 1979 ; and 8.608 m in 1973. Maugerville 6.508 m on April 30th at 16:10. Flood stage is 5.9 m. Flood level in 1994 was 6.428 m; 6.471 m in 1979 ; and 7.108 m in 1973. Upper Gagetown 6.025 m on May 3rd at 18:07. Flood level in 1994 was 5.564 m. Gagetown 5.636 m on May 3rd at 14:10. Flood level in 1994 was 5.089 m. Jemseg water level 5.67 4 m on May 3rd at 15:42. Flood stage is 4.3 m. Flood level in 1994 was 5.170 m; 5.496 m in 1979; and 6.364 m in 1973. Lakeville Corner 5.942 m on May 3rd at 13:31. Grand Lake 5.813 m on May 3rd at 14:12. Flood level in 1994 was 5.194 m; 5.678 m in 1979; and 6.453 m in 1973. Oak Point 4.972 m on May 3rd at 22:56. Flood stage is 4.7 m. Flood level in 1994 was 4.446 m; 4.74 m in 1979; and 5.739 m in 1973. Oak Point 4.83 m estimated on May 3rd at 7:45. Flood stage is 4.4 m. Flood level in 1994 was 4.271 m; 4.542 m in 1979 ; and 5.310 m in 1973 .
Many properties were flooded along the St. John River basin. Flooding caused an estimated $5.6-million in damages to homes along the river.