Government of New Brunswick
Ice jam
Mild Weather

Affected Areas

Saint John River Basin: As a result of the spring thaw, several ice jams caused minor flooding throughout the Saint John River Basin. Most of the resultant damage was reported from the Fredericton area. An ice jam had formed at Bath during the winter, and the spring freshet caused some flooding in this area until it was breached. Another jam was reported at the bridge in Florenceville. This ice jam broke under its own pressure shortly after being formed. A huge ice jam was also reported below Hartland. At Woodstock, ice damaged some timber supports and carried others away on the approaches to Island Park. At Crock's Point-MacKinley Ferry, an ice jam resulted in water levels rising to the height to the C.N.R. road bed. This jam broke under its own pressure and resulted in the rapid rise of water levels downstream. In Fredericton, the situation was aggravated by an ice jam near the Dominion Agricultural Experimental Station that forced the ice high up on both river banks. At the West End Bathing Beach, the dressing rooms and shade trees sustained damage from the ice. Ice was forced up and across Campbell Street to within a few yards of the Normal School fence. A brick warehouse and office near the foot of Regent Street was completely demolished by the ice. Poles carrying electric and telephone wires were cut off. Several boats laid up at the foot of Westmorland Street were also extensively damaged. At the Fredericton A & B Club, there was minor damage to the building and float. At the C.N.R. bridge, cables carrying wires across the draw-span were torn out. Some ice jamming was also reported down river around the islands near Maugerville-Sheffield. The wharf at Sheffield had several timbers torn out on both the upper and lower piers. A tugboat on the banks of the Oromocto River was reported to have its stern crushed by ice.
Snowmelt (due to mild temperature), ice breakup and ice jams.
According to records taken at the Fredericton Pumping Station, the Saint John River rose some 16 feet [4.9 m] following the ice jamming.
A three year old girl was drowned at Keegan, Maine, when swept through a culvert. No estimates of damage to property were reported.