Government of New Brunswick
Mann Mountain
Wyers Brook
Ice jam

Affected Areas

Restigouche River Basin: Flooding occurred along the Restigouche River from Wyers Brook to Broadlands on April 23. The most severe damage was sustained at Matapedia, Québec, but flooding was also reported near Runnymede and Mann Mountain Settlement. Flooding near Runnymede, Québec, resulted in the evacuation of two families and about 60 head of cattle. The area was isolated by floodwaters for about ten hours, beginning at about 10:30 hours. At Matapedia, Québec, flooding resulted in the evacuation of 17 people, and damage to two homes and nine businesses. The water was reported to have risen about ten feet by 11:30 hours, and remained high for approximately three hours. Most of the damage occurred on Rue des Saumons, where floodwaters pushed ice floes into structures and flooded buildings. At one home, the basement and first floor were inundated, and the family's pet dog was drowned under the porch. Low-lying sections of the roads at Wyers Brook and Mann Mountain Settlement were blocked by ice floes following the flooding. At Broadlands, the flooding had thrust ice floes onto riverfront properties, resulting in damages to some summer cottages and trailers.
At Matapedia, the mayor described the flooding as being more severe than "the flood in 1983, and as severe as the flood in 1974". It was also described as "the fastest flood we ever had".
The flood resulted in evacuations at Runnymede and Matapedia. Buildings and properties were damaged in Matapedia and Broadlands. The flood damages in Matapedia were estimated to be "many thousands of dollars".