Government of New Brunswick

Details 1964-04-16 1964-04-18 0 Saint John River Basin: In the Saint John River Basin, Route 21 across Keswick flats was inundated.
Details 1963-05-01 1963-05-10 $13,475.00 0 Saint John River Basin: In the Saint John River Basin, the flooding reported in the newspapers was restricted to the Lower Saint John area.
Details 1970-02-02 1970-02-06 $3,300,844.00 2 General: Very low temperatures and abnormally low snowfall caused thick and hard ice cover on the rivers and lakes during the winter of 1969/70.
Details 1963-11-22 1963-11-25 0 Sackville Area: At Sackville, streets in the lower section of town were covered with up to eight inches [approx.
Details 1963-04-06 1963-04-07 0 Sackville Area: In the Town of Sackville, the heavy rain resulted in some basement flooding.
Details 1962-11-15 1962-11-16 0 Southeastern New Brunswick: Gale force winds and tides caused minor flooding in Southeastern New Brunswick inundating wharves, highways, and isolating several homes.
Details 1976-03-31 1976-04-05 $4,000,000.00 5 Widespread flooding was reported along the Saint John River and its tributaries from just south of Woodstock north to Madawaska County, and in the Restigouche River Basin.
Details 1959-12-03 1959-12-03 0 Magaguadavic River Basin: Along the Magaguadavic River, the fields were inundated and water was said to be over Manor Road and the highway to Bonny River in several places.
Details 1959-11-01 1959-11-30 0 Sackville Area: High tides resulted in the inundation of the marshlands along the Aulac and Tantramar rivers.
Details 1959-06-26 1959-06-26 0 Newcastle Area: At Newcastle, the floodwaters were reported over the wharves.
Details 1959-04-23 1959-04-23 0 Restigouche River Basin: An ice jam occurred on the Matapedia River at St.
Details 1958-12-01 1958-12-01 0 St. Croix River Basin: A heavy rain followed by a light snowfall caused many cellars at Milltown, New Brunswick to be flooded.
Details 1958-09-15 1958-09-15 0 Southeastern New Brunswick: High tides resulted in some inundation of marshland in Westmorland County.
Details 1958-04-24 1958-04-30 $290,000.00 0 Flood conditions prevailed over most of the Saint John, Restigouche and Miramichi River basins.
Details 1958-01-18 1958-01-20 0 Minto Area: A January thaw created an ice jam on Newcastle Creek just upstream of North Minto.
Details 1957-08-11 1957-08-11 0 Campbellton Area: A heavy rain resulted in flooded basements in the area of Minto and Aberdeen streets of Campbellton.
Details 1973-08-05 1973-08-05 0 Moncton Area: Heavy rains brought flooded basements and road washouts to the Moncton area.
Details 1973-12-20 1973-12-22 $40,000.00 0 In northern New Brunswick, rivers swelled as a result of the rain.
Details 1950-04-08 1950-04-09 0 Miramichi River Basin: The Miramichi River was reported to have swelled to four hundred feet beyond the end of the A.
Details 1973-07-03 1973-07-04 0 Upper Saint John River Basin: Along the Trans Canada Highway from Woodstock north, cultivated potato fields were eroded, and in several places, culverts were blocked allowing water to run over the road.
Details 1973-01-01 1973-01-03 0 Saint John Area: A snowstorm changing to rain caused some heavy flooding in the Saint John area.
Details 1972-12-06 1972-12-07 0 Fredericton Area: In Fredericton, a number of intersections throughout the City were flooded due to catch basins being clogged with snow and ice.
Details 1972-06-06 1972-06-07 0 Upper Saint John River Basin: A devastating rainstorm lashed the St.
Details 1950-04-20 1950-04-24 $1,000,000.00 0 Saint John River Basin: Heavy rain fell during the period from April 20 to April 21.
Details 1972-05-06 1972-05-11 0 Fredericton Area: In the City of Fredericton, Campbell Street, between Westmorland and Northumberland, was closed due to high water.
Details 1972-03-01 1972-03-31 0 Sussex Area: In Sussex, numerous cellars were flooded and Magnolia Avenue to Main Street was reported to be under water.
Details 1973-04-01 1973-05-01 $11,877,007.00 448 The winter of 1972-73 was one of above average snowfall in northern and central New Brunswick.
Details 1971-05-05 1971-05-06 0 Fredericton Area: At Nashwaaksis, Wilkins Airfield was submerged and some residents of Burpee Street complained of basement flooding.
Details 1971-02-15 1971-02-16 0 Saint John Area: Heavy rain created a flooding situation in the Saint John area.
Details 1970-10-05 1970-10-06 0 Saint John River Basin: Torrential rains were blamed for death, injury and heavy property damage.
Details 1970-08-03 1970-08-03 0 Flooding occurred on Rothesay Avenue, but no mention was made of flooding in the Glen Falls area.
Details 1970-04-30 1970-05-05 0 Saint John River Basin: Flood waters of the Saint John River covered approximately one-half of the city owned parking lot on Campbell Street, Fredericton.
Details 1934-04-16 1934-04-24 $250,000.00 0 Saint John River Basin: In the Saint John River Basin, the areas most affected by this flood were in Sunbury and York counties.
Details 1916-03-30 1916-03-30 0 Sources: The Sackville Post 1916/03/31 Sackville Area: Localized flooding occurred in the Town of Sackville as runoff from melting snow accumulated in low lying areas.
Details 1916-08-13 1916-08-13 0 Sources: The Sackville Post 1916/08/15. Sackville Area: Unusually high tides caused flooding of the marshland and damage to the dykes.
Details 1917-10-01 1917-10-04 0 Sources: Documentation and Assessment of Flooding in the Town of Sackville and Environs,Supplementary Data; The Sackville Post 1917/10/02, 05, 16 and 1917/11/13.
Details 1920-03-12 1920-03-14 0 General: The rain and wind from this storm resulted in widespread damage in Nova Scotia.
Details 1920-04-06 1920-04-10 0 Saint John River Basin: At Hartland, the rain was reported to have begun during the evening of April 5, and continued throughout the night.
Details 1917-10-30 1917-10-31 0 Sources: The Sackville Post 1917/11/02. General: Reports from the Saint John, Moncton and Sackville areas indicate the storm affected all of southern New Brunswick, but flooding was only specifically reported near Sackville and Memramcook.
Details 1917-10-22 1917-10-22 0 Sources: The Sackville Post 1917/10/23 Sackville Area: A considerable amount of rain fell intermittently from October 20 to the 22nd, inundating large areas of marshland.
Details 1918-07-10 1918-07-10 0 Sources: Chatham Gazette 1918/07/12. Chatham Area: "Severe thunder and lightning storms occurred during the evening and night, which resulted in flooding of streets and grounds.
Details 1918-09-21 1918-09-22 0 Sources: The Sackville Post 1918/09/24. Petitcodiac River Basin: The high tide caused considerable damage along the Petitcodiac River on September 21.
Details 1918-10-06 1918-10-06 0 Sources: The Sackville Post 1918/10/08. Sackville Area: A steady rain on October 5 and 6th caused flooding of the marshland, particularly in the area between Sackville and Middle Sackville.
Details 1935-01-09 1935-01-12 $185.00 0 Lower Saint John Area: Hundreds of acres of land were inundated along Rothesay Road.
Details 1934-11-11 1934-11-11 0 Sources: The Sackville Tribune Post 1934/11/13. Sackville Area: "Three or four inches of snow fell Sunday morning (November 11); this was followed by a heavy rain, and yesterday (November 12) the weather was mild and almost spring-like, and the snow had completely disappeared.
Details 1934-12-20 1934-12-20 0 Sources: The Sackville Tribune. Sackville Area: It was reported that snowmelt and a large amount of rain resulted in some basement flooding.
Details 1922-09-22 1922-09-23 0 Sources: The Sackville Post 1922/09/26. Memramcook River Basin: The high tide on September 22, resulted in flooding of the lowlands and damage to the railway bed of the C.
Details 1922-06-17 1922-06-25 $1,000,000.00 0 General: Water covered railway lines throughout most of the Province, mainly the lines belonging to the C.
Details 1916-01-05 1916-01-05 0 Sources: The Sackville Post 1916/01/07 Petitcodiac River Basin: In the Moncton area, it was reported that floodwaters reached the M.
Details 1923-04-09 1923-04-12 0 Three days of mild weather resulted in floods throughout Kings and Northumberland counties.
Details 1923-10-01 1923-10-01 0 Sources: The Sackville Post 1923/10/02, 05. Southeastern New Brunswick: A rainstorm, accompanied by strong northwest winds, resulted in the flooding of marshland in the Sackville area.
Details 1924-08-26 1924-08-27 0 Saint John River Basin: Some crop damage resulted in York, Sunbury and Queens counties mainly due to the winds and heavy rains.
Details 1925-10-25 1925-10-25 0 Sources: The North Shore Leader 1925/10/30. Newcastle Area: A storm with strong winds resulted in an unusually high tide on surge, and many waterfront buildings were reported to be flooded.
Details 1926-05-05 1926-05-07 0 Saint John River Basin: At Woodstock, riverfront properties were inundated to some extent.
Details 1909-01-04 1909-01-07 $100,000.00 0 Several washouts were reported on the Inter-Colonial and Canadian Pacific Railways.
Details 1909-10-01 1909-10-01 $4,000.00 0 Miramichi River Basin: "A large freshet set a large quantity of lumber adrift.
Details 1910-01-23 1910-01-28 0 Sackville Area: It was reported that the marshes were flooded following about ten days of exceptionally mild weather and rain.
Details 1931-01-06 1931-01-06 0 Sources: The North Shore Leader 1931/01/09. Newcastle Area: An exceptionally high tide was reported to have resulted in basement flooding in buildings on the south side of Castle Street.
Details 1996-04-23 1996-04-24 $18,000.00 0 Middle River: An ice jam caused flooding of several homes on Roberts Road, near Bathurst, from April 23 to at least April 24.
Details 1996-07-14 1996-07-14 $60,000.00 0 Southeastern New Brunswick: Heavy rains were reported to have resulted in minor flooding.
Details 1996-02-25 1996-02-27 0 Saint John River Basin: On the Saint John River, ice jams occurred at Dickey (Maine), Connors, Baker Brook, Saint Basile, Morrell, Hartland, and Woodstock.
Details 1998-03-09 1998-03-14 $8,006,110.00 0 General: An intense storm pushed a warm front through New Brunswick on March 9 causing heavy rain and rapid snowmelt.
Details 2000-01-20 2000-01-20 $1,700,000.00 0 General: A storm surge from an intense winter storm caused flooding of low lying coastal areas along the Gulf of St.
Details 1999-09-07 1999-09-07 0 Campbellton Area: Some 96.8 mm of rain fell over approximately four hours in the Val D'Amour area of northern New Brunswick, close to Campbellton, which caused Walker Brook to overflow or erode its banks in some locations.
Details 1999-07-28 1999-07-28 0 Moncton Area: A heavy rain caused localized flooding.
Details 1997-05-03 1997-05-14 $1,000.00 0 Saint John River Basin: Cool April weather allowed the ice cover to break up gradually at lower river discharges.
Details 1912-08-08 1912-08-14 $1,300.00 0 Saint John River Basin: Bridges, culverts and railroads were washed out in the vicinity of Perth, Hartland, Woodstock and Blissville.
Details 1914-10-21 1914-10-21 0 Sources: The Sackville Post 1914/10/23. Sackville Area: A high tide was reported to have caused a washout of the railway bed on the I.
Details 1915-04-23 1915-04-23 0 Miramichi River Basin: Some landings on streams in the Miramichi River Basin were torn out with the ice run sending logs adrift.
Details 1935-04-20 1935-04-24 0 Saint John River Basin: In the Saint John River Basin, some barns on the islands above and below Fredericton were damaged and/or destroyed, in particular on Shore Island.
Details 1915-07-08 1915-07-09 $500,000.00 0 Miramichi River Basin: A freshet of the Miramichi River was reported to have swept 35 000 000 feet [82 500 m3] of logs away when booms broke.
Details 1936-03-16 1936-03-25 $2,000,000.00 7 Upper and Middle Saint John River Basin: One of the most significant ice jams occurred at the C.
Details 1999-09-23 1999-09-25 $160,000.00 0 General: The communities of Saint John, Sussex, Moncton, Sackville, and Cape Tormentine sustained major flooding at numerous locations due to the heavy rainfall.
Details 1999-12-07 1999-12-07 0 Fredericton Area: Heavy, sustained, rain forced four families from their homes and caused the closure of Forest Hill Road for several hours overnight.
Details 1921-04-01 1921-04-30 0 Saint John River Basin: Heavy flooding occurred along the C.
Details 1901-06-23 1901-06-24 0 Saint John Area: At Saint John, the heavy rains resulted in catchbasins blocked with gravel and debris.
Details 1902-03-17 1902-03-23 $51,500.00 0 Saint John River Basin: This was reported to be one of the earliest spring breakups in history.
Details 1901-04-07 1901-04-12 $40,000.00 0 Saint John River Basin: The ice began running on April 7.
Details 1902-10-29 1902-10-30 0 In Kings County, heavy rains resulted in freshets on most of the small streams.
Details 1903-02-28 1903-02-28 0 Sources: Sackville Tribune, 1903/03/07. The following excerpt was published in the Sackville Tribune, March 7, 1903: "The recent freshet caused the dam at Ogden's Mill to raise Saturday.
Details 1903-07-25 1903-07-25 0 Sources: Sackville Tribune, 1903/07/30. The following excerpt was published in the Sackville Tribune, July 30, 1903: "Saturday evening last the dyke on a section of the west marsh owned by Senator Wood and Mr.
Details 1904-08-20 1904-08-21 $150.00 0 Saint John Area: At Saint John, the heavy rainfall was reported to have caused extensive damage to many city streets.
Details 1909-04-14 1909-04-17 0 Southeastern New Brunswick: Heavy freshet on the headwaters of the Richibucto River carried away the Bass River bridge.
Details 1947-02-02 1947-02-03 0 Kennebecasis River Basin: In the Sussex area, two periods of rain were reported with heavy accumulations of snow on the ground.
Details 1947-02-05 1947-02-06 0 Lower Saint John River Basin: Large sections of Kings County were inundated, several thousand feet of lumber were swept away and two lives were lost by drowning in Albert County.
Details 1976-08-10 1976-08-11 $154,930.00 0 Upper Saint John River Basin: Heavy rain caused water levels of five major rivers in Madawaska County to rise above normal for the time of year.
Details 1979-04-29 1979-05-07 $1,332,693.00 5 During the winter of 1978-79, snowfall was about average throughout New Brunswick and in adjacent areas of Maine.
Details 1969-05-11 1969-05-13 $500,000.00 0 Saint John River Basin: Flood conditions prevailed over the upper portion of the Saint John River Basin.
Details 1976-07-24 1976-07-25 0 Saint John Area: In Saint John, low-lying sections of the City experienced flooding because of the heavy rains and high tides.
Details 1968-10-20 1968-10-22 0 Northeastern N.B.: In Gloucester County, Shippegan Island was severed from the mainland when the causeway bridge became inundated by the high tides.
Details 1979-07-29 1979-07-29 0 Newcastle Area: In Newcastle, flooding was reported along a portion of the waterfront as the result of drainage problems behind the Stedman's Store on Castle Street.
Details 1947-04-07 1947-04-08 0 Campbellton Area: Heavy rain at Campbellton for about two days "did much to lower the level of snow" in the district.
Details 1947-04-30 1947-05-10 0 Saint John River Basin: Due to the heavy runoff, the main stem of the Saint John River overflowed onto the interval lands at several points.
Details 1949-03-23 1949-03-24 0 In Kings County, many roads sustained heavy damage as melting snow resulted in many minor washouts.
Details 1977-10-01 1977-10-02 0 Saint John Area: Flooded yards, basements and roads plagued eastern areas of Saint John over the two day period.
Details 1947-07-13 1947-07-13 0 Many parts of Kings County were affected by the severe summer storm resulting in damaged buildings and flooded roads.
Details 1977-04-23 1977-04-28 0 Lower Saint John River Basin: The main stem of the Saint John River overflowed its banks in the Fredericton, Lincoln, Maugerville and Sheffield areas, inundating low-lying areas.
Details 1977-03-31 1977-04-01 0 Saint John Area: In Saint John, Thorne Avenue and Rothesay Avenue, between Russell Street and McAllister Drive, were closed to traffic when flooding of some low lying stretches made the streets impassable.
Details 1977-01-17 1977-01-17 0 Southeastern New Brunswick: At Cape Tormentine, high tides pushed by strong winds forced ice and water over the breakwater, inundating the railway spur line and road.
Details 1974-03-04 1974-03-04 $10,000.00 0 Moncton Area: A heavy rainfall resulted in the overflow of a pond located on the grounds of the Moncton Golf and Country Club resulting in flood damages to several homes on Berkley Drive, Riverview.
Details 1974-02-23 1974-02-23 0 Saint John Area: For the second time in a week, heavy rains caused flooding in the Saint John area.
Details 1974-04-29 1974-05-18 $325,600.00 0 Saint John River Basin: Flooding began on April 29, in the upper Saint John River Basin; ice jams occurred particularly in the western part of Madawaska County.
Details 1974-02-20 1974-02-20 0 Saint John Area: About 1.5 inches [38.1mm] of rainfall cause local flooding along Rothesay Avenue, Saint John.
Details 1974-01-19 1974-01-24 0 Restigouche River Basin: An ice jam on the Matapedia River at Routhierville, Quebec, sent water and ice over a three mile [4.
Details 1949-01-01 1949-01-01 0 Sources: David Wilson of Environment Canada as recorded in "Supplemental Report, Documentation and Assessment of Flooding in the Town of Sackville and Environs".
Details 1950-01-01 1950-01-31 0 Nepisiguit River Basin: An ice jam in the Nepisiguit River resulted in flooding of the highway near "The Falls", blocking traffic.
Details 1978-05-08 1978-05-11 0 Lower Saint John River Basin: Minor flooding was reported throughout the Maugerville and Sheffield areas, downstream of Fredericton.
Details 1978-01-25 1978-01-28 0 Nashwaak River Basin: An ice jam, which had formed upstream of Stanley, moved downstream and lodged near the village, causing extensive flooding.
Details 1978-01-09 1978-01-10 $250,000.00 0 Southern New Brunswick was hard hit by gale force winds and high seas.
Details 1945-06-23 1945-06-23 0 Sources: The Sackville Post 1945/06/26. Sackville Area: The June 26, 1945, Sackville Post reported: "A heavy thunder shower visited Sackville Saturday afternoon.
Details 1946-05-02 1946-05-04 0 Restigouche River Basin: A heavy freshet was reported along the Restigouche River and its tributaries.
Details 1945-04-15 1945-04-20 0 Sources: The Sackville Post 1945/04/20. The dates of flooding were estimated to within a few days due to a lack of precise information.
Details 1945-04-28 1945-04-28 0 Sources: The Sackville Post 1945/05/01. Sackville Area: A heavy rainfall was reported to have resulted in some flooding of basements and some sidewalks within the Town of Sackville.
Details 1892-01-04 1892-01-04 0 Miramichi River Basin: Heavy rains caused the ice to run on the Northwest Miramichi River, Little Southwest Miramichi River, and then Southwest Miramichi River.
Details 1869-10-04 1869-10-05 $121,000.00 0 Saxby Gale - Saint John Area: At Saint John, the bottom floor of the Beacon Light, at the mouth of the harbour, was inundated for several hours causing much damage and isolating the light keeper.
Details 1900-10-08 1900-10-12 0 Lower Saint John River Basin: In Fredericton, the area from York Street to the baseball grounds on the upper side and as far as Smythe Street was under water to depths of one to three feet.
Details 1910-07-04 1910-07-04 0 Sources: The Sackville Post 1910/07/05 Sackville Area: "A freshet from heavy rain flooded hay fields.
Details 1910-11-26 1910-11-27 0 Southeastern New Brunswick: In the Sackville area, the precipitation initially fell as snow, then turned to rain.
Details 1696-01-01 1696-12-31 0 A late and very high freshet caused late planting and crop failures at Jemseg.
Details 1857-04-01 1857-04-01 0 Fredericton Area: Piling up of drifting ice caused flood damage in and around Fredericton.
Details 1854-11-12 1854-11-14 0 Kennebecasis River Basin: "Rivers, which were merely hollows of dry gravel, were filled to overflowing, and then the trouble started.
Details 1865-11-04 1865-11-05 0 Sackville Area: The November 10, 1865 edition of The Borderer reported that high tides and southerly winds caused water to cover a large extent of the marsh.
Details 1869-11-20 1869-11-21 0 Sackville Area: The November 25, 1869 edition of The Borderer reported that two days of very heavy rain resulted in several mill dams being carried away by a great freshet.
Details 1869-11-30 1869-11-30 0 Sackville Area: The December 2, 1869 edition of The Borderer reported that a high tide and a strong southerly wind "overflowed the marshes in every direction".
Details 1874-06-19 1874-06-19 0 The date of the storm is estimated to be within about two days of this date based on information presented in The Union Advocate, June 24, 1874.
Details 1922-08-26 1922-08-28 $100,000.00 0 General: Southern counties appeared to be the hardest hit.
Details 1701-01-01 1701-12-31 0 The French settlement at Jemseg was abandoned and moved to Port Royal, Nova Scotia.
Details 1759-11-03 1759-11-04 0 Fundy Coast: At Saint John, a "Saxby" type combination of windstorm and tides caused extensive damage.
Details 1768-01-01 1768-12-31 0 A store at Fredericton was swept away by ice.
Details 1785-01-01 1785-01-01 0 An unusually high freshet flooded most of the land at Maugerville.
Details 1789-04-25 1789-04-25 0 At Prince William, Kingsclear, Queensbury and French Village, ice damage occurred to the properties of 20 families.
Details 1798-10-01 1798-10-03 0 At Fredericton and Maddeskesway (Keswick) and along the Nashwaak and Oromocto rivers, many families lost stock and provisions.
Details 1799-01-01 1799-01-01 0 Planting was late at Maugerville due to floods. Dates of flooding unknown.
Details 1800-09-01 1800-09-02 0 Sackville Area: "From Point de Bute across the marsh to Sackville, the marsh was frequently (from the overflowing of water) a complete sea.
Details 1817-01-01 1817-01-01 0 A flood in 1817 is reported in newspaper reports of 1854 to have been higher than the 1854 flood at Indiantown.
Details 1846-03-20 1846-04-05 0 Saint John River Basin: A bridge was destroyed on the Aroostook River.
Details 1831-04-11 1831-04-11 0 There is some confusion in the newspaper reports regarding the year.
Details 1851-10-31 1851-11-04 0 Saint John River Basin: A rapid rise of water occurred at Grand Falls on October 31.
Details 1854-05-01 1854-05-31 0 No reports were available from 1854 describing this flood or the damages caused.
Details 1900-05-18 1900-05-22 0 St. Croix River Basin: On Friday, May 18, the waters of the St.
Details 1893-02-11 1893-02-11 0 Sussex Area: The following excerpt was carried in the February 17, 1893 edition of The Kings County Record: "The rains of Friday caused the water in the small streams to rise suddenly and the roads and fields were in many places flooded.
Details 1893-04-01 1893-04-01 0 Sussex Area: "The water in the Trout Brook undermined one of the abutments of the bridge near Walter McMonaghan's".
Details 1887-04-25 1887-05-14 $500,000.00 4 Saint John River Basin: On April 26, the ice began running above Andover.
Details 1896-04-23 1896-05-05 0 Saint John River Basin: A larger run of ice than normal caused several ice jams which backed up water for short periods of time.
Details 1910-04-08 1910-04-10 0 Southeastern New Brunswick: On April 9, a 26 foot [7.
Details 1881-07-07 1881-07-14 $50,000.00 0 Southeastern New Brunswick: It was reported that the high tides broke the dykes, damaging hay and grain crops, roads, and the railway.
Details 1881-05-23 1881-05-23 0 Moncton Area: The May 26, 1881 edition of The Transcript reported that "a freshet washed out the road in several places between Dorchester and Moncton".
Details 1881-09-08 1881-09-09 0 Southeastern New Brunswick: The September 15, 1881 edition of The Transcript reported that "the tide broke the dykes on Island Marsh.
Details 1884-09-01 1884-09-01 0 Miramichi Area: The high tides inundated several streets on the Newcastle waterfront.
Details 1985-04-21 1985-04-21 0 Upper Saint John River Basin: A newspaper article with an April 21, Edmundston byline stated: "We are having quite a spring freshet here and some damage has been done by the rise of water in the Madawaska stream.
Details 1885-07-01 1885-07-01 0 The Monetary Times, Toronto, carried a story of summer freshets on the Upper Saint John River on page 64 of its July 17, 1885 issue.
Details 1888-03-22 1888-03-23 0 Sussex Area: The following excerpt was published in The Kings County Record, March 23, 1888: "The heavy rain of Wednesday night brought the usual spring freshet which covered different roads adjacent to the village with water making them almost impassable.
Details 1891-03-15 1891-03-15 0 The following excerpt was published in The Kings County Record, March 20, 1891: "Water in front of us, water to the right of us, water all around us, was the state of the Record Office on Saturday - but the worst of all - the water was unfit to drink.
Details 1911-07-22 1911-07-22 0 Miramichi River Basin: At Chatham, the heavy rainfall overtaxed drainage systems resulting in some flooded streets and sidewalks.
Details 1913-03-22 1913-03-25 $30,000.00 0 On 22nd March, one of the earliest spring break-ups in the history of New Brunswick was experienced in central parts of the province.
Details 1960-05-17 1960-05-18 0 Saint John River Basin: In the Saint John River Basin, high water halted ferry service at Gagetown and Burton.
Details 1950-11-28 1950-11-30 $30,000.00 0 Restigouche River Basin: In the Restigouche River Basin, most of the reported damages were to roads and the railways in the Quebec portion of the basin.
Details 1962-04-06 1962-04-07 0 Sackville Area: In the Town of Sackville, the heavy rain resulted in some basement flooding.
Details 2005-03-29 2005-05-16 $5,600,000.00 217 In mid-March, the Saint John River basin had above average ice thickness and a heavy snow pack in northern portions of the basin.
Details 2004-08-13 2004-08-14 20 Heavy rains due to extra-tropical storm Bonnie caused localized flooding, flooded basements and roads were reported in Edmundston.
Details 1957-01-22 1957-01-23 0 Kennebecasis River Basin: In Kings County, the January thaw sent the rivers, streams and brooks over their banks, but not sufficiently high to cause any serious damage.
Details 2008-08-01 2008-08-05 $3,289,000.00 3 On 2-3 August, a number of roads, bridges and culverts were damaged due to torrential rains and flash floods.
Details 1956-01-06 1956-01-16 0 Nashwaak River Basin: Ice jams were reported to have occurred at Nashwaak Village and at Taymouth.
Details 2006-06-03 2006-06-04 0 Southern New Brunswick had heavy rainfall and flooding throughout the region on 3-4 June.
Details 2010-12-13 2010-12-14 $13,830,000.00 13 An intense low pressure system with strong deep southerly flow brought heavy rain to NB, especially southwestern regions.
Details 2010-11-07 2010-11-11 4 A succession of low pressure systems brought days of non-stop rain to areas of southern NB.
Details 1950-12-11 1950-12-15 $3,000.00 0 Fredericton Area: In Fredericton, cellar flooding occurred.
Details 1962-03-31 1962-04-04 0 Flooding occurred along many rivers where bridges, highways and railway lines were washed out.
Details 1951-04-05 1951-04-14 $65,000.00 0 Saint John River Basin: In the Saint John River Basin, a serious ice jam occurred at Connors which backed up water for about 10 miles [approx.
Details 1951-02-07 1951-02-08 0 Throughout Kings County, 24 hours of rapidly changing weather disrupted electrical service, flooded roads, homes and damaged buildings.
Details 1962-03-31 1962-04-04 $322,000.00 0 Flooding occurred along many rivers where bridges, highways and railway lines were washed out.
Details 1961-05-08 1961-05-20 $1,000,000.00 0 The most serious flooding conditions existed in the upper part of the Saint John River Basin, the Nashwaak Valley and the Miramichi River Basin where snow accumulations were the heaviest.
Details 1961-05-25 1961-05-31 $2,174,517.00 1 Because of the pattern of rainfall produced by the storm, serious flooding conditions occurred on the Nashwaak and Miramichi rivers.
Details 2013-07-26 2013-07-27 $2,100,000.00 18 St. Stephen received heavy rainfall with total amount of 163 millimetres on Friday, July 26th.
Details 2008-04-23 2008-05-02 $23,288,000.00 47 This was the worst spring flooding in 35 years along the entire St.
Details 2013-03-13 2013-03-15 $350,000.00 13 On 13th March, many parts of central and southern New Brunswick experienced a rain storm.
Details 2012-03-23 2012-03-25 $25,000,000.00 19 A "March heat wave" sparked an unusually early spring thaw, resulting in ice jam activity along the St.
Details 2000-10-29 2000-10-30 $2,400,000.00 2 On October 29th, a powerful "nor'easter" hit the southern Gulf of St.
Details 2009-10-25 2009-10-28 0 On 25th October, heavy rain and high winds affected New Brunswick, contributing to one of the wettest Octobers on record.
Details 2010-12-21 2010-12-23 $1,348,000.00 23 A major low pressure system persisting south of Nova Scotia brought strong north to northeast winds and a mix of precipitation over much of New Brunswick's east coast.
Details 2006-01-14 2006-01-20 34 Heavy rain and warm temperatures caused ice jam flooding in several water bodies around the province including Riley Brook in northeast New Brunswick; the Nashwaak River in the Nashwaak Bridge area near Fredericton, and the Miramichi area at Priceville Road.
Details 2009-04-03 2009-04-07 $595,000.00 9 On April 8th, above-freezing temperatures, snow melt, and rainfall caused the water levels along the St.
Details 2010-12-06 2010-12-07 $1,725,000.00 1 A combination of high tides and winds sent waves crashing into Eel River Bar, Dalhousie, and Charlo.
Details 2008-09-06 2008-09-07 $16,000,000.00 2 Heavy rainfall from Tropical Storm Hanna caused localized flooding in the southern half of New Brunswick and coastal areas experienced high surf and high winds.
Details 2009-08-29 2009-08-30 0 On 29-30 August, Trpoical Storm Danny caused havoc through many parts of southern New Brunswick with heavy rain and flooding dozens of basements.
Details 1954-09-11 1954-09-13 $466,600.00 0 Saint John River Basin: Flood conditions existed at Presque Isle, Limestone and Fort Fairfeild, Maine, in the United States portion of the Saint John River Basin.
Details 1954-04-16 1954-04-24 0 Saint John River Basin: In the Nackawic River Valley, the Maple Ridge Road was washed out at a point about a mile from Millville.
Details 1953-02-07 1953-02-08 0 In Kings County, torrential rains caused the rivers and brooks to overflow, but dropping temperatures followed by snow relieved some of the concern.
Details 1953-03-26 1953-04-03 0 Several major and minor washouts occurred throughout the Province, especially on the secondary roads where culverts were too small to handle the excess flow.
Details 1952-01-24 1952-01-25 0 Kennebecasis River Basin: "Recent rains have raised the river (Kennebecasis) almost to flood levels several times", but this storm resulted in a heavy ice jam midway between Norton and Bloomfield.
Details 1952-05-13 1952-05-14 0 Lower Saint John River Basin: The highway from McGowans Corner to Lakeville Corner was inundated by floodwaters from Portobello Creek for a distance of between one to two miles [approx.
Details 2012-10-20 2012-10-20 5 Heavy rainfall in some Central and Southern parts of the province caused localized flooding on 20th October.
Details 2010-01-02 2010-01-03 $1,043,995.00 7 On 2-3 January, New Brunswick was hit by a snow storm accompanied by tidal storm surge of 6 to 8 m.
Details 1988-11-21 1988-11-21 $10,000.00 0 General: Coastal flooding occurred at several locations along the eastern coast of New Brunswick due to a storm with high east to northeast winds.
Details 1982-04-27 1982-05-03 0 The normal spring freshet began with mild temperatures, very little rain and cool night resulting in only minor flooding and very little damage.
Details 1933-10-28 1933-10-29 0 Sources: The Sackville Post 1933/10/31. Southeastern New Brunswick: The storm resulted in flooding of many low-lying areas.
Details 1934-04-14 1934-04-14 0 Sources: The Chatham Gazette 1934/04/16. Chatham Area: There was reported to be very little frost in the ground, which probably increased infiltration.
Details 1934-11-06 1934-11-06 0 Sources: The Sackville Post 1934/11/09. Sackville Area: Some basements were reported to have flooded as a result of the heavy rains.
Details 1993-04-11 1993-04-28 $12,738,787.00 0 General: The major flooding was caused primarily by ice jams which occurred on the Saint John River between Edmundston and Woodstock, and its tributaries in the northwest area of New Brunswick.
Details 1938-12-06 1938-12-07 0 Sussex Area: Turbulent flood waters of Ward's Creek caused considerable damage to the concrete bridge on Main Street, just upstream of the Agricultural School.
Details 1939-02-15 1939-02-15 0 Sources: The North Shore Leader 1939/02/24. Newcastle Area: It was reported that drizzle and light rain began to fall in the afternoon of February 15, and heavy rains began at about 6 p.
Details 1993-03-17 1993-03-17 0 Saint John Area: Firefighters in Saint John received about a dozen calls to pump out flooded basements.
Details 1979-03-26 1979-04-05 $2,113,328.00 0 Saint John River Basin: In the Saint John River Basin, most of the reported flooding occurred in the southern portion.
Details 1979-03-15 1979-03-16 0 Several areas of southern New Brunswick reported extensive flooding.
Details 1979-02-26 1979-02-27 0 Saint John Area: In Saint John, widespread flooding was reported following in the wake of a rain storm which dumped 23.
Details 1939-05-10 1939-05-14 0 Saint John River Basin: In the Saint John River Basin, the highways were inundated, the trains were halted and the mills ceased operation due to the high water.
Details 1989-05-02 1989-05-03 0 Restigouche River Basin: Heavy rains on May 2, accompanied by the spring freshet on Christopher Brook, resulted in flooding at Tide Head.
Details 1938-11-25 1938-11-25 $250,000.00 0 Sources: The North Shore Leader 1938/12/02. Newcastle-Chatham Area: It was reported that a very high tide, driven by easterly winds, flooded many wharves along the river.
Details 1993-02-17 1993-02-17 0 Saint John Area: A "typical" winter storm caused flooding of low-lying sections of Rothesay Avenue, Golden Grove Road, McAllister Drive, and in Glen Falls.
Details 1993-02-13 1993-02-13 0 Saint John Area: Catch basins and culverts became clogged in the city after 11 mm of freezing rain fell on top of 4 cm of snow.
Details 1939-04-24 1939-04-27 2 An ice-jam was formed in Stickney on April 24th. The ice formed a mountain in the backyard of Mr.
Details 1979-01-29 1979-01-31 0 Rain began on January 25 and carried on throughout January 31.
Details 1979-01-08 1979-01-09 0 Coastal flooding was reported to have occurred in some areas of the Province.
Details 1967-05-15 1967-05-15 0 Magaguadavic River Basin: The Magaguadavic River overflowed its banks, inundating fields and interval land.
Details 1968-03-01 1968-03-31 $100,000.00 0 Saint John River Basin: In the Saint John River Basin, an ice jam near Florenceville caused water to back up over the highway near Buckwheat Bridge.
Details 1967-05-26 1967-05-27 0 Newcastle Area: In Newcastle, the downtown area was inundated by floodwaters.
Details 1989-04-06 1989-04-10 0 Upper and Middle Saint John River Basin: There were numerous ice jams in the Saint John River in April 1989, but no major floods occurred.
Details 1989-04-02 1989-04-03 0 Bathurst Area: The spring freshet caused minor flooding in and around the Bathurst area.
Details 1992-08-04 1992-08-04 $3,560,000.00 0 Upper Saint John River Basin: A heavy rainfall caused flooding and washouts in the northern portion of Madawaska County.
Details 1985-06-01 1985-06-01 0 General: The low-lying, eastern sections of Saint John were hardest hit by the heavy rains, but flooding also occurred in south and west Saint John, Grand Bay, Hampton, Gondola Point, and Sussex.
Details 1976-02-02 1976-02-03 0 The storm was reported to have inflicted widespread damage to buildings, power and telephone lines and other structures, resulting in loss of livestock and disruption of transportation throughout the Province.
Details 1976-01-27 1976-01-28 0 Oromocto River Basin: An ice jam in the Oromocto River caused widespread flooding at Hoyt, isolating several farms in the area and inundating barns.
Details 1975-12-10 1975-12-11 0 Southeastern New Brunswick: The heavy rains washed out a small section of the C.
Details 1992-04-23 1992-04-23 0 Restigouche River Basin: Flooding occurred along the Restigouche River from Wyers Brook to Broadlands on April 23.
Details 1986-04-29 1986-04-29 $25,000.00 0 Bathurst Area: The failure of the aging causeway bridge was attributed to passing ice floes, which caused three pilings to move and a support beam to fall.
Details 1985-03-12 1985-03-13 0 Saint John Area: Approximately 59 mm of rain fell in the Saint John area on March 12, causing a culvert under the Canadian Pacific railway line to be washed out.
Details 1975-11-14 1975-11-17 $700,000.00 0 Saint John Area: Clogged sewers and drainage ditches backed up water onto streets and roads.
Details 1975-05-07 1975-05-08 0 Some people in low-lying areas experienced minor flooding.
Details 1974-12-09 1974-12-10 0 Saint John Area: At Saint John, a record rainfall of 3.
Details 1974-11-13 1974-11-14 $14,310.00 0 Northeastern New Brunswick: A combination of unusually high tides and high winds caused some flooding of wharves and low-lying areas in Restigouche County.
Details 1974-11-27 1974-11-28 0 Newcastle Area: Highwater was reported on both the Newcastle and Chatham waterfronts.
Details 1992-03-28 1992-03-31 0 Sussex Area: High water levels along Trout Creek and the Kennebecasis River caused basement flooding of some homes.
Details 1992-03-08 1992-03-08 0 Saint John Area: The rain caused flooding of a few basements.
Details 1991-11-11 1991-11-11 0 General: The storm severely affected Nova Scotia, but caused almost no damage in New Brunswick.
Details 1992-07-27 1992-07-27 $236,000.00 0 Upper Saint John River Basin: An intense rainstorm resulted in severe flooding in the Edmundston, Baker Brook and Saint-Jacques areas, with the most severe damage occurring in the latter two locations.
Details 1998-01-25 1998-01-25 0 Saint John Area: Many low lying areas were flooded after 80 mm of rain fell on January 24 and the 25th.
Details 1997-05-17 1997-05-24 0 Saint John River Basin: Prior to May 17, the water levels in the lower Saint John River were high following the spring freshet of May 3-14.
Details 1937-11-15 1937-11-18 0 Saint John River Basin: The third freshet of the autumn threatened the Saint John River Valley.
Details 1997-07-04 1997-07-04 $43,000.00 0 Lower Saint John River Basin: A thunderstorm system affected parts of southern New Brunswick.
Details 1991-05-04 1991-05-05 $5,000.00 0 Nepisiguit River: On May 3 and 4th, exceptionally high water levels occurred at the Stone Consolidated hydro dam at Grand Falls, about 25 km southeast of Bathurst.
Details 1991-09-26 1991-09-26 0 Saint John Area: Minor localized flooding occurred after a record rainfall.
Details 1984-04-25 1984-06-06 0 Above average snow cover was reported to have existed late in March and early April.
Details 1996-01-20 1996-01-21 0 Nashwaak River Basin: Minor flooding was reported to have occurred on or about January 20 and the 21st due to mild weather and an early breakup of ice on the river.
Details 1988-03-25 1988-04-09 0 General: Flooding was relatively minor in March - April 1988.
Details 1997-02-05 1997-02-05 0 Saint John Area: Runoff from rain caused localized flooding.
Details 1991-04-23 1991-04-23 0 Miramichi River Basin: On April 23, a low-lying section of road leading to Johnson Bridge was flooded by the Northwest Miramichi River.
Details 1991-04-06 1991-04-18 $1,300,000.00 0 General: Ice-jam-related flooding first occurred in the Florencville area on April 6 and occurred at several locations until April 18.
Details 1991-03-03 1991-03-03 $4,000.00 0 Hammond River: Mild weather and heavy rains on March 2 increased the flow and water level in the Hammond River causing the ice to run and jam.
Details 1996-01-25 1996-01-30 $85,700.00 0 General: Mild weather and heavy rain caused ice to run and jam at many locations in New Brunswick.
Details 1995-01-07 1995-01-07 0 Saint John Area: A rainstorm, with high winds and unusually warm temperatures, caused flooding of at least 20 basements in the city.
Details 1987-04-01 1987-04-13 $30,000,000.00 0 General: During the winter of 1986-87, the total snowfall was significantly below normal in the north, and near normal in the south.
Details 1923-04-29 1923-05-09 $10,000,000.00 2 This flood was significant in all parts of the Province.
Details 1990-12-19 1990-12-27 0 General: Unusually high river discharges and intermittent freezing temperatures caused minor flooding, some due to small ice jams.
Details 1990-04-05 1990-04-05 0 Nashwaak River: On April 5, a three kilometre long ice jam formed on the Nashwaak River, 0.
Details 1981-08-15 1981-08-16 $100,000.00 0 A heavy rainstorm hit the southern portion of the Province resulting in washouts of roads and culverts and flooded basements.
Details 1981-08-05 1981-08-07 0 A severe rainstorm resulted in excessive amounts of precipitation in the Upper Saint John River Basin, generally ranging from 75 mm to 262 mm.
Details 1986-04-01 1986-04-04 $258,819.00 0 General: A late-January thaw created antecedent conditions that were important contributing factors to floods on the Saint John and Nashwaak rivers in April 1986.
Details 1925-10-10 1925-10-11 $25,000.00 0 Sources: The North Shore Leader 1925/10/16 General: Reports indicated the storm affected eastern New Brunswick, from the North Shore to the southern counties.
Details 1926-05-08 1926-05-09 0 Miramichi River Basin: At Newcastle, the easterly gale pushed the high tides over the top of many of the wharves along the waterfront.
Details 1981-02-24 1981-02-27 $10,000.00 0 Saint John River Basin: An ice jam was reported to be located near Aroostook, about 50 kilometres west of Florenceville.
Details 1986-01-28 1986-01-29 0 Upper and Middle Saint John River Basin: Flooding near Grand Falls along Little River resulted in the failure of the town's main pump, causing a water shortage.
Details 1926-10-25 1926-10-26 0 In Kings County and the Province in general, considerable damage was caused to roads and bridges as a result of the heavy runoff.
Details 1927-08-24 1927-08-25 $50,000.00 0 Southeastern New Brunswick: A 60-feet [approx. 18 m] bridge over the upper Aboujagane River at the Kinnear-Black mill site was damaged by undermining.
Details 1990-08-11 1990-08-12 $100,000.00 0 General: Heavy rains caused severe flooding overnight in the Hartland and Woodstock areas.
Details 1981-02-11 1981-02-13 0 Fredericton Area: In Fredericton, some flooded basements and pools of water were reported on city streets.
Details 1984-04-16 1984-04-21 $50,000.00 0 Restigouche River Basin: In the Restigouche River Basin, the ice on the Upsalqitch River began to run early on the morning of the April 16.
Details 1928-04-09 1928-04-11 0 Sources: The North Shore Leader 1928/04/13. Saint John River Basin: At Longs Creek, about 30 kilometres upstream of Fredericton, an ice jam lodged across the full width of the Saint John River.
Details 1995-01-16 1995-01-22 0 Saint John River Basin: Very mild temperatures occurred on January 15 and 16th, and rain fell on January 15 to the 17th.
Details 1942-01-02 1942-01-02 0 Sussex Area: In the Sussex area, the rivers were described as "rising at an alarming rate".
Details 1981-02-02 1981-02-02 0 Various sections of Route #105, between Grafton and Hartland, were covered with water and ice, and one section was washed out at Deep Brook.
Details 1980-04-23 1980-04-24 0 Restigouche River Basin: A nine year old youth drowned in the swift flowing waters of Walker Brook after falling in while playing near the brook with a companion.
Details 1979-09-06 1979-09-07 $1,000,000.00 0 Moncton Area: The tropical storm and high tides caused Hall's Creek to overflow its banks, inundating several streets, homes and businesses in the northeast end of Moncton.
Details 1940-04-15 1940-04-20 0 Saint John River Basin: A two mile ice jam on the Aroostook River caused flooding in a portion of the Village of Masardis, Maine.
Details 1932-04-07 1932-04-11 0 Saint John River Basin: As a result of the spring thaw, several ice jams caused minor flooding throughout the Saint John River Basin.
Details 1932-04-10 1932-04-16 0 Restigouche River Basin: An ice jam occurred against the Interprovincial Bridge across the Restigouche River.
Details 1942-05-06 1942-05-08 0 Restigouche River Basin: In Restigouche County, numerous brooks along the I.
Details 1942-12-02 1942-12-03 0 Sussex Area: At Sussex, the floodwaters of Trout Creek were reported to have "played havoc" with the embankments of the river adjacent to the Maple Avenue railway and highway bridges.
Details 1943-02-11 1943-02-12 0 Sussex Area: At Sussex, the storm caused the waters of Trout Creek to swell to abnormal heights.
Details 1983-08-02 1983-08-02 0 Saint John Area: Minor flooding was reported in the Saint John area in some low-lying areas, such as: Loch Lomond Road, Bayside Drive, Rothesay Avenue and Haymarket Square.
Details 1984-02-04 1984-02-06 0 Saint John River Basin: The February thaw resulted in minor flooding along the Kennebecasis River.
Details 1983-11-25 1983-11-26 0 The violent wind and rainstorm resulted in widespread power interruptions, cancelled ferry operations in the Maritime Provinces, disrupted some telephone services and resulted in minor flooding of some highways.
Details 1932-10-17 1932-10-30 0 Saint John River Basin: At Woodstock, the Saint John and Meduxnekeag rivers were running at peak freshet height.
Details 1932-09-14 1932-09-20 0 Saint John River Basin: The storm resulted in flood stages at Presque Isle and Limestone, Maine.
Details 1933-06-17 1933-06-18 0 Sources: The Sackville Post 1933/06/20. Sackville Area: A heavy rain resulted in minor flooding.
Details 1994-04-14 1994-04-26 $4,130,000.00 0 General: An ice jam caused a flash flood on the Aroostook River, resulting in two fatalities near Perth-Andover.
Details 1993-12-11 1993-12-11 $194,200.00 0 Saint John River, Woodstock to Oromocto:The heavy rain caused road washouts and minor flooding along the Nashwaak River.
Details 1993-06-23 1993-06-23 $89,000.00 0 Southeastern New Brunswick: As a result of high winds and tides, some flooding occurred in many waterfront areas.
Details 1945-04-04 1945-04-05 0 Saint John River Basin: Quantities of lumber were reported as having been swept away by the freshet in the upper Saint John River Basin.
Details 1980-03-17 1980-03-18 0 The provincial Emergency Measures Organization received reports of flooding from Woodstock, Boiestown, Pennfield, Burton, McAdam, Saint John and Fairvale.
Details 1944-09-01 1944-09-30 0 Sources: David Wilson of Environment Canada as recorded in "Supplemental Report, Documentation and Assessment of Flooding in the Town of Sackville and Environs".
Details 1983-04-25 1983-04-30 0 For the second time in two weeks, the Saint John River in the vicinity of Fredericton overflowed its banks.
Details 1933-10-06 1933-10-08 0 Sources: The Sackville Post 1933/10/13. Moncton Area: Brooks were reported to be in flood, overflowing on to many roads as a result of insufficient culvert capacity.
Details 1937-11-20 1937-11-20 0 Miramichi River Basin: In Newcastle, many basements were inundated and had to be pumped out.
Details 1983-04-17 1983-04-22 $300,000.00 0 Saint John River Basin: At Fort Kent, Maine, river levels increased some six feet [1.
Details 1933-05-04 1933-05-06 0 Saint John River Basin: Flood conditions on the Saint John River existed at Fort Kent, Edmundston, Hartland and Woodstock.
Details 1940-09-17 1940-09-20 0 Northeastern New Brunswick: Near Bathurst, the high tides undermined several cottages at Youghall Beach.
Details 1989-02-22 1989-02-22 0 Tantramar River Basin: Heavy rains and runoff from about 0.
Details 1983-03-21 1983-03-22 0 Nashwaak River Basin: A series of ice jams formed along the Nashwaak River, resulting in minor flooding.
Details 1983-01-11 1983-01-12 0 Middle Saint John River Basin: Ice jams resulted in minor localized flooding on the Meduxnekeag River near Woodstock and the Saint John River near Hartland.
Details 1933-10-25 1933-10-26 0 Saint John River Basin: At Fredericton, a railway washout occurred just east of the C.
Details 2018-04-27 2018-05-12 0 River Watch 2018 began on March 12th. The province’s watercourses remained relatively calm until a heavy rain event in the central and southwestern areas of the province occurred on April 16th and 17th.
Details 2011-04-27 2011-05-13 0 Seasonal weather resulted in a relatively uneventful spring freshet season in 2011.
Details 2019-09-07 2019-09-08 0 Hurricane Dorian brought heavy rain and high winds to much of the Atlantic provinces on September 7th and 8th, 2019.
Details 1976-07-12 1976-07-13 0 A heavy rainstorm on July 12th left many residents in Riverview with flooded basements.
Details 2015-11-22 2015-11-23 0 Heavy rain on November 22nd and 23rd brought up to 100 millimeters of precipitation to some southern areas of the province.
Details 2017-03-02 2017-03-02 0 High tides, mild temperatures and precipitation factored into the collapse of a section of Route 114 on the morning of March 2nd, closing the road to through traffic.
Details 2015-05-28 2015-05-28 0 Heavy rain accompanied by wind gusts of up to 82 kilometers per hour led to flash flooding, fallen trees and downed power lines on some Fredericton streets after an intense storm hit the capital city on May 28th.
Details 2018-12-21 2018-12-22 0 Heavy rain and frozen ground led to flooding in several areas of the province on December 21st and 22nd.
Details 2018-01-12 2018-01-13 0 A mix of rain, wind, and unseasonably warm temperatures knocked out power to thousands of residents and caused flooding across the province on the weekend of January 12th and 13th.
Details 2014-04-14 2014-04-20 $16,300,000.00 27 Spring flooding damaged more than 715 homes and businesses, roads, bridges, and other public infrastructure around the province.
Details 2014-07-05 2014-07-06 $12,500,000.00 3 On Saturday July 5th, Hurricane Arthur transformed into a potent Post-Tropical storm over the Maritime provinces.
Details 2011-08-28 2011-08-29 0 Tropical Storm Irene hit New Brunswick on August 28th, bringing high winds and rain to much of the province.
Details 2014-12-25 2014-12-27 0 Mild winter temperatures caused an ice jam to form on the Tobique River overnight on Thursday, December 25th, leading to flooding and the temporary closure of 20 kilometers of Route 390 between Arthurette and Plaster Rock in the western part of the province.
Details 2014-12-09 2014-12-11 $10,300,000.00 4 On December 9th and 10th, a Nor’easter brought a mix of snow and rain across the province.
Details 2015-06-21 2015-06-21 0 Remnants from Tropical Storm Bill resulted in heavy rainfall throughout southern New Brunswick on June 21st.
Details 2014-01-13 2014-01-17 0 Warm temperatures and heavy rains contributed to melting of snow along rivers in several areas of New Brunswick.
Details 2003-03-29 2003-04-02 0 An intense spring storm moved across Atlantic Canada at the end of March.
Details 2020-04-03 2020-05-15 0 River Watch 2020 began on March 9th. By the end of February, the snow depth was sitting at slightly above normal by about 20 percent.
Details 2016-06-29 2016-06-29 0 A severe thunderstorm and flash flooding left many residents of the City of Edmundston with wet basements and flooded streets on June 29th.
Details 2017-02-27 2017-03-01 0 A section of Route 106 between Dorchester and Memramcook was closed on Monday, February 27th, due to localized flooding from a clogged culvert.
Details 2003-10-27 2003-10-31 0 A rain event that lasted over three days brought high water levels to many parts of the province in October.
Details 2020-06-05 2020-06-05 0 A thunderstorm on June 5th brought heavy winds, rain, and hail to Fredericton and parts of York County.
Details 2019-01-20 2019-01-24 0 A blast of winter in some areas, and spring in others, made for a messy few days as many central and southern portions of the province suffered from flooding from two separate rain, snow and freezing rain events over the span of four days.
Details 1964-04-16 1964-04-17 0 High tides combined with heavy run-off flooded a section of west Main Street in Moncton early on April 16th.
Details 2002-11-17 2002-11-18 0 Heavy snow followed by rain in parts of southern New Brunswick kept public works crews busy on November 17th and 18th.
Details 2011-07-12 2011-07-13 0 Moncton was hit with a heavy thunderstorm on July 12th.
Details 1972-05-03 1972-05-06 0 Melting snow combined with more than 60 millimeters of rain caused flash flooding in Moncton and surrounding areas early in May 1972.
Details 1973-07-05 1973-07-05 0 Blocked roadways, flooded basements and farms, and problems in Centennial Park were some of the results of heavy rain which fell on the Moncton area on the evening of July 5th.
Details 2015-09-29 2015-10-01 0 A heavy rainfall event occurred September 29th and October 1st that brought more than 150 millimeters of rain to some parts of the province.
Details 2015-04-21 2015-05-04 0 River Watch 2015 began on March 16th. Quantities of water in the snowpack were at normal levels in the upper Saint John River basin and above normal in the lower Saint John River basin.
Details 2020-12-01 2020-12-02 0 An early December rainstorm hit New Brunswick on the 1st and 2nd, leading to flooding in several areas of southern New Brunswick.
Details 2019-12-09 2019-12-10 0 Several areas in southern New Brunswick were hit with heavy rain on December 9th and 10th.
Details 2011-06-09 2011-06-09 0 A severe thunder storm hit parts of New Brunswick on June 9th causing power outages and localized flooding in some areas.
Details 2017-04-09 2017-05-15 0 River Watch began on March 13th. The Saint John River was expected to peak early in April and again in late April or early May with water from the upper river basin.
Details 2002-02-11 2002-02-11 0 Inconsistent weather patterns and a flash freeze left some southern portions of the province with flood damage on February 11th.
Details 1963-11-08 1963-11-10 0 Flood damage resulting from the overflowing of water from the spillway of Jones Lake occurred in Moncton on November 9th and 10th.
Details 2011-03-06 2011-03-07 0 An early March rainstorm left pooling water on some city streets in the Fredericton and Moncton areas.
Details 2011-03-11 2011-03-14 0 A section of Acadie Avenue in Moncton was barricaded at about 12:15 p.
Details 2019-04-19 2019-05-06 0 River Watch 2019 began March 12th. The rate of snow melt would be key this year as there was more snow on the ground in some northern parts of the province than in 2018.
Details 2003-02-02 2003-02-03 0 A mid winter ice storm left trees drooping, streets flooded, and thousands without power the first weekend in February.
Details 2015-09-11 2015-09-11 0 Heavy rainfall flooded several streets in Saint John on Friday, September 11th.
Details 2019-12-14 2019-12-14 0 Warm temperatures and heavy rains caused ice in the Tobique River to move in the Plaster Rock area over the December 14th weekend, resulting in some localized flooding.