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Ice jam
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Affected Areas

Saint John River Basin: Flooding began on April 29, in the upper Saint John River Basin; ice jams occurred particularly in the western part of Madawaska County. Major streams involved were the Saint John, St. Francis, Little Tobique, and Madawaska rivers as well as Baker and Trout brooks. A number of roads and bridges in the area sustained damage, but it was relatively light. The most seriously damaged bridge was the Arthurette Bridge on the Tobique River. Some of the towns and villages affected in this area were: Connors, St. François, Pelletier Siding, Caron Brook, Clair, Arthurette and Baker Brook. Ice blockages on Green River resulted in the loss of several cottages. An ice jam occurred on the Saint John River at Fort Kent. Flooding in central New Brunswick began May 1. Flooding was mainly due to the Saint John River, but there was also some flooding along the Keswick, Nashwaak, Tay, Oromocto and Jemseg rivers. The major area affected was along the Saint John from Mactaquac, through Fredericton to Maugerville and Sheffield. Restigouche River Basin: In Restigouche County, flooding occurred along Wyers Brook, the Upsalquitch, Matapedia and Restigouche rivers. Low-lying areas around Wyers Brook and along the Restigouche River from Robinsonville to Campbellton were inundated. The Wyers Brook Road and River Road between Robinsonville and the Matapedia Bridge were closed, and a number of families in this area had to be evacuated. At Runnymede and Moores Settlement, homes were damaged by ice and families evacuated. Some livestock was reported to be lost in the vicinity of these communities. Homes were also vacated in the Dawsonville and Mann Mountain Settlement areas. The Church of England, Dawsonville, was damaged extensively as well as homes and outbuildings. At Matapedia, Quebec, schools were closed and about eight families were evacuated from their homes. Adam¿s Store and the Restigouche Motel were heavily damaged. The flooding of the Matapedia River in Quebec also had some effect on the Flatlands area of New Brunswick. At Flatlands, a number of buildings were damaged and several homes near the old Fish Hatchery were evacuated when an ice jam occurred just east of the village. A major ice jam occurred on the Restigouche River at the old Interprovincial Bridge near Campbellton. At Sillarsville, Quebec, ice damage to C.N.R. tracks was reported to be quite severe. A trailer park at Cross Point, Quebec, was inundated. The ice breaker CCGS Tupper alleviated some of the problem when it cut a path in the river up to the Cross Point-Campbellton Bridge. At Campbellton, Walker Brook overflowed, washing out a culvert in the St. Albert's area, and minor damage resulted to properties in this area. In Val deAmour, a footbridge was washed out. Damage in this area was relatively minor.
Saint John River Basin: The maximum daily mean discharge for the Saint John River at Edmundston was 123 000 cfs [3480 m3/s] on May 3. The maximum daily mean discharge, for the Saint John River below Mactaquac, was 287 000 cfs [8130 m3/s] on May 2. Restigouche River Basin: The daily mean discharge for the Restigouche River above Rafting Ground Brook was 46 000B cfs [1300 m3/s] on May 2 with a maximum daily mean discharge of 64 200 cfs [1820 m3/s] on May 14.
At Campbellton, residents of Val d'Amour Road and in the Gerard Street areas claimed approximately $5 000 in damage. A report, prepared by the Department of Public Works (Canada), contained the following estimates of flood damage to the Public Sector: SUMMARY OF RESTORATION COSTS TO THE PUBLIC SECTOR Department Cost of Restoration Supply and Services $ NIL Education $ 200 Tourism $ 34 000 Highways $ 290 400 TOTAL $ 325 600