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An intense low pressure system with strong deep southerly flow brought heavy rain to NB, especially southwestern regions. Most rain fell on 13th December during the day, accompanied by temperatures of over 15 degrees Celsius. The event ended with a second period of rain on 14th December, following which temperatures fell below freezing. Heavy rain caused severe damage to highways and properties throughout the province. The aftermath of the torrential rains caused more than 120 roads to be closed across southern and western parts of New Brunswick. Charlotte County suffered extensive road and infrastructure damage. In the Town of St. Stephen, a state of local emergency was declared after 100 mm of rain fell in 18 hours. In St. George, 37 people were displaced from their homes when water from the Magaguadavic River hit the westbound lane of Route 1 leaving the major stretch of Manor Road in the town only accessible by boat. People living near Bonny River faced huge damages. There was no way in or out of Bonny River. The water destroyed homes at Second Falls, Bonny River and St. George. In Florenceville-Bristol, the road leading to Shiktehawk Bible Camp was washed out, causing the bridge to sink 5-10 feet below its original location. In Fredericton, the storm damaged curbs, washed out roads, and flooded homes. Heavy rain forced the closure of the following roads: the underpass by the Princess Margaret Bridge, Allison Boulevard past the Fredericton Region Solid Waste Commission, Brookside Drive from Westview to Hawkins streets, Waggoners Lane between Rookwood Avenue and Hanwell Road, Shute Street near Brookside Drive, River Street, Clements Drive near Spencer Street, Dundonald at Northumberland streets, Brookside Drive, Douglas to Westview and Riverfront Way. Odell Park was closed because the rain water was running from the wooded area into the parking lot. About 40 people from Hoyt had to be evacuated when roads in and out of Hoyt were flooded. In Marysville, residents of Chase Street were evacuated when River Street flooded. A bridge was washed out on Wiggins Mill Road in Lower Hainesville. Tripp Settlement Road was washed out, and Route 105 at Bear Island was impassable between Nackawic and Fredericton. There were two washouts on Route 615 to Springfield. A State of Emergency was declared in McAdam. In Burtts Corner and Zealand, the intensity of storm caused the Keswick River to spill its bank at several locations, sending firefighters and officials to evacuate 30 people from their homes on Monday night, 13th December. A huge section of Route 104 was washed out by flood waters. The hole was at least 4.5 metres deep and 300-400 m long. Burtts Corner resident Deanna Brewer couldn't believe her eyes when she viewed the site " I recall back in (the 1970s)- I was only a toddler at the time - looking out and seeing the big flood", she said. "But my mom said she has never experienced anything like this. It came very fast." (Daily Gleaner, 15th Dec 2010). A family, who lived on Route 104 since 1989, lost everything when their mini home was enveloped by the flash flood. Almost 13, 0000 New Brunswickers were without power. More than 9000 NB Power customers were in the Woodstock area. Schools were closed in Districts 10, 14 and 17, St. Stephen, Oromocto, and Fredericton areas.
An extreme rain event from December 12-14 caused flooding in the south-western and mid-western regions of the province. There was a light snow cover less than 5-10 cm before the rain began. The flood was particularly damaging as the ground was already saturated from heavy rains in November.
On 13th December, total precipitation amounts recorded were: St. Stephen 166.4 mm, Grand Manan 123.4 mm, Fredericton 101.7 mm, and Gagetown 284 mm. See attached file for map.
Total flood damages was $13,830,000. The losses included roads, homes, barns and sheds, and valuables within the homes. More than 880 claimants were registered with the province for compensation from floods and storm surges. 50 to 60 homes in south-western New Brunswick were lost. 665 property owners reported damages in Charlotte and York Counties. The total heavy rainfall damage cost was $3.98 million - Carleton, Charlotte, Queen, Sunbury, Victoria, and York Counties.