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A combination of high tides and winds sent waves crashing into Eel River Bar, Dalhousie, and Charlo. Charlo was hardest hit. In Goulette Point and Hamilton Beach, many cottages and seaside homes were damaged. 10 homes on Eel River Bar First Nation and roughly a dozen in nearby Charlo were evacuated following a storm surge. Highway 134 in Charlo was closed as a result of flooding and debris on the highway. A portion of the Beach Road was washed out. In Dalhousie, a boardwalk was flipped over that was built to be part of the section of the New Brunswick Trail. In Bon Ami Point, there was heavy erosion. In Campbellton, Salmon Boulevard and the vacant land to the northeast of Ramsay Street were flooded.
The flood event was caused by high tide, winds and waves.
A elder Rebecca LaBillois from Eel River Bar First Nation recalls a major storm surge back in 1940 when the waves were more than seven feet high. "This wave was much bigger than 1940" said LaBillois.
Flood damages exceeded $1 million. The flood forced the evacuation of more than a dozen homes and left hundreds of NB Power customers without electricity. The damage amount for Gloucester, Northumberland and Restigouche Counties was $61,524.